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I'm sure you've fallen for other information with titles that authors have that make you believe you can have millions of hits your way within hours of purchasing their information. Well you know the saying "If it sounds too good to be true then it probably it is".

Companies who sell their "easy systems" neglect to tell you about all the hard work that is involved in getting these hits, the amount of money and time you need to spend in order to develop "their system" and so on. And after putting in all this hard work you do not get the hits.

I have been working on line and have dealt with Traffic Sellers and after years and years of trying to figure out how companies get traffic I finally figured it out!

I am here to reveal to you the honest truth about how traffic sellers get their traffic and send it on over to you the buyer.

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If you are tired of the how to's in getting traffic listen up!

This information has NOTHING to do with:

  1. Bulk Emailing
  2. Joining Newsgroups
  3. Ezines
  4. Safe Lists
  5. Opt Ins
  6. Buying Wholesale Traffic

And all the other garbage people tell you to do in order to achieve hits!

I will not only reveal to you how their system works but give you the secret codes that they use to prove it to you!


Never before has anyone told you the real truth about how traffic sellers get real people, real hits, real visitors, real sales! Exactly how these guys do it period!

This ebook is not a how to do this and how to do that it just lists the Facts!

The Facts being how traffic is sent your way! How they actually do it!

  • Did you ever buy traffic and never get an increase in sales?
  • Were you amazed after you ordered traffic at your counter going ballistic?
  • Did it ever make you wonder when you ordered all this traffic why your sales did not explode?
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I'll answer all the above questions and tell you why people get sales and why some don't!

It's depends on what system they use!

You'll read about both systems!

You will see with your own eyes how they send traffic and why sales don't increase one bit!

You will see with your own eyes how they send traffic and sales go nuts!

You will learn about the Bad Guys who sell the Traffic:
These are the companies that are just after making your counters go crazy. These guys can only send you "Ghost" hits.....if you get "Ghost" hits nobody views your page thus, leaving you with no sales but one heck of an increase in hits! Big Deal! You need the sales.

I'll give you their secret code that they use to make your counter go crazy but not send you any visitors! Bad! Bad! Bad! When you try this code out for yourself you will be AMAZED to say the least!

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You will learn about the Good Guys who sell the Traffic:
These are the companies that actually set up your web site to get Real People, Real Visitors to come to your web site so that you can get real sales!

You will also receive the codes and the information to learn exactly how these guys can deliver the traffic!

The Honest Way!

You will see what they do, where they go & how they set this up with their codes included!

Once again another Simple Easy Code!

  • Did you ever notice when you buy traffic you cannot use Pop Ups or Exit Ads?

  • Did you ever notice that Traffic Sellers state on their site that they are affiliated with highly known Web Sites that have millions of visitors? Visitors that they can use to send your way?

  • Did you ever notice that they will never EVER tell you their Sources of Traffic?

You will have the Answers to those Questions above revealed to you as well!


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Not only will you receive all the Above Valuable Information but the below as well:

  1. You will be given step by step Web Site Tips. From the beginning to the end from getting your dot com to submitting it to over 800,000 Search Engines, FFAs, Ad Sites and more! We'll even show you how to get free hosting on top of it! In fact our hosts pays ours plus we get $45.00 back a month on top of it! Incredible Information!

  2. You will be shown how you can stop paying Submission Sites monthly fees and submit your own site to over 800,000 Search Engines, FFAs etc., with the click of a button and that's for a Life Time! After learning this you can even start your own Site Submission Service and start charging people for you to submit their site for a change! Get Even!! Common Sense!

  3. You will be shown how you can accept credit cards and have your own affiliate program up and running within 48 hours! Save yourself thousands of dollars from having someone else do this for you! It doesn't cost thousands of dollars to do this in fact it's less than $50.00! Less than $50 can have you accepting credit cards and running your own affiliate program with no work involved what so ever on your part. This company handles it all! You cannot beat this information!

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  5. We'll show you the #1 Top Secret thing you need to do to your own web site before it gets submitted. If you think all you need is a title to submit your site to the Search Engines you are Dead Wrong. How 2 lines of Code can pull your site into the top search pages of any search engine! Big Time Information Here! Priceless!

  6. We will show you where to get FREE Scripts! Yes that's right the same scripts people actually think that they have to pay for! These are absolutely free and nobody even knows this. Annoying as this may be everybody has paid for this script. Now you can get it for free! This is an absolute must have for any web site! Especially if you own or intend to own 2 different web sites.

  7. We will give you Real Traffic Tips! How to find out how many links point to yours which is essential in getting web site traffic. If you do not have any links pointing to your site I'll show you exactly how you can get them. Boost your traffic in no time flat!

  8. You will receive information on 2 of the hottest ideas on line to date! How people are making money with Pay Per Click and Topical Search Engines. Get the hottest scripts and my ideas on making killer money off these Search Engines.

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